Tekvondo klub Asteriks, Nis, Srbija

Taekwondo Days

Taekwondo summer camp

International taekwondo summer camp “Taekwondo Days” started in 2017 to bring together many competitors for better preparation and improved results in the competition season.

The camp hosts winners of world and European senior medals, as well as participants and medalists from the Olympic Games, including the Iranian national team.

Summer camp 2022



Serbia’s Hidden Gem for Wellness and Adventure!


Sokobanja - "pearl of Serbia"

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and natural beauty. This small town is famous for its thermal springs and healing air, making it a popular destination for relaxation.


Nature, relaxation, adventure

Visitors can enjoy numerous outdoor activities, such as hiking through nearby forests, mountain climbing, cycling, or simply relaxing in the spa parks.


Cultural and historical heritage

Additionally, Sokobanja offers a rich cultural and historical heritage, with numerous monuments and landmarks that testify to the rich history of this place.


Hotel Moravica in Sokobanja

Hotel "Moravica" in Sokobanja offers a comfortable oasis with cozy rooms, a restaurant serving local cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere, blending relaxation with traditional hospitality.

Hotel Moravica

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Tekvondo klub Asteriks, Nis, Srbija


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