Tekvondo klub Asteriks, Nis, Srbija

Internation competition

Asteriks cup

We organized the Asteriks Cup for the first time in 2016. Today, with pride, we can say that we have achieved the goals we set at the beginning of this journey. The tournament now gathers over 1500 competitors from across the European continent who come to our city of Niš to compete in our tournament, while also enjoying the rich tourist offerings of our city.

A Prestigious Event on the European Taekwondo Scene

Earn points

E2 Level tournament

For two consecutive years now, our tournament has become a significant event on the European taekwondo map, classified as an E2 level tournament, attracting young fighters from various parts of Europe. This competition provides them with the opportunity to earn points for national team and participate in prestigious competitions. 


Don't miss the chance to be part of this spectacle

We have separated registrations for the E2 tournament and for the Asteriks Cup.

Čair Sports Hall

The Asteriks Cup is held at the Čair Sports Hall in Niš, which ranks among the largest sports arenas in the Serbia. With 5000 seats and spacious platform capable of accommodating up to 12 competition rings.

Surrounded by a beautiful park, it is located about a kilometer and a half from the city center. Adjacent to the hall, you will find restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy excellent specialties of Niš.

Journey Essentials

Fast air transport connections Niš has with as many as 11 European destinations. Niš Constantine the Great Airport is the second largest airport in the country after Belgrade Airport.
Niš Airport has flight connections to as many as 11 European cities. Niš Airport offers direct flights to the following cities: Stockholm, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Memmingen, Basel, Vienna, Ljubljana, Malta, Istanbul, and Belgrade.
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Niš Constantine the Great Airport

If you’ve decided to participate in our tournament, don’t forget to explore landmarks Niš has to offer.

Fore more info go to:
Touristic Organization of Niš

Niš fortress

Skull tower


Tekvondo klub Asteriks, Nis, Srbija


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